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The southernmost Baltic country Lithuania is where Vaida Tamulenaite calls home. Working as a professional model for close to eight years in Lithuania and abroad, Tamulenaite enjoys the offerings of travel her career provides, but finds great contentment and happiness being home with her much-cherished younger brother.

Tamulenaite recently graced the Fiat 500 Cabriolet TVC for Italy, France, Germany, England and Netherlands, secured by her Milan agency, one arm of the global powerhouse IMG Models.

Tamulenaite possesses a blossoming and versatile artistic ability that sees her indulge in painting and sketching. In her downtime she enjoys reading and playing Sudoku.


Baltic Models – Lithuania
IMG Models – Milan
Upfront Models – Singapore
PT Models – Shanghai
Cat Model Management – Berlin

How did your modelling career start?
When I was 14 years old I went to a casting held by my mother agency.

Where has modelling taken you abroad?
France, Italy, Singapore and Shanghai. By direct booking to Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, Prague and Thailand.

What has been your favourite job?
I’m doing this job now. (I am) in Phuket, Thailand. (I) have a one week editorial shoot for Women’s Weekly, Singapore. (I am) staying in a 5 star villa with beautiful nature.

What fashion designers/brands do you like and why?
I’m not really into this brand thing. Yes, I have some pieces from famous designers, but just because I liked the cut and design of that one particular outfit.
I like Jean Paul Gaultier a bit because he’s not afraid of strange shapes.

Who is your style icon?
I don’t really have one.

What is your personal style?
Depends of the season. Summertime I like a more hippy gypsy style with lots of accessories. Spring and Autumn I prefer a more edgy look jackets with big shoulders and tiny waist, skinny jeans and high heel boots.

What is the most gruelling aspect of your work?
I have one story. When I was working for fashion week in Rome, all week I was waking up at 5-6 am and coming back (home) at 1 am. All this time there was no time even to eat. So against my will I lost 4 kg in one week and had troubles with my health there after. Sometimes the clients don’t treat you as a human being.

What has working as a fashion model taught you about yourself?
I have become an independent person. I’m making my living by this and have made myself strong. It (the industry) has taught me don’t trust everybody and be careful about what are you saying. It (the job) has also taught me how to win competition.

Has working in the fashion industry influenced what you will do post
modelling? (If so what do you see yourself doing?)
Not really. Besides modelling I’m a student of Economics and Business Management. I’m also an artist in my soul. I’m planning to keep on modelling a few years more until I graduate and there after combine art with management for a proper job.

What would you suggest to boys/girls contemplating working as a model?
This (industry) is no place for weak persons. You must have your opinion, but also be able to play nicely with people you might don’t like. It can sound not nice but sometimes you need to be “double face” (two faced) and not show your real emotions. In this business they (clients) are not interested if you don’t feel well or you are sad about something – so (best to) keep it to yourself.


Australian born Melissa Riemer is child to a German father and Chinese mother. Blessed with her father’s stature and mother’s refined features, Riemer’s Eurasian look is in high demand through Asia.

Riemer has worked extensively through the Asia-Pacific region for six years, with recent campaigns including Robinsons (SGP), Nescafe (BKK), Max (NZ).

With a versatile and timeless look, Riemer’s presence within the industry is secured for a long time yet.

Viviens- Australia
Red Models- Thailand
Nova- New Zealand
Upfront- Singapore

How did you get your break into modelling?
I sent my shots into two of the top agencies in my city, and the first one accepted me straight away.

Where has work taken you abroad?
Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand.

What has been you favourite and/or most memorable job?
Most memorable, we were shooting an editorial for Luxury magazine (SGP), and shot at a haunted abandoned hospital in amongst wastelands in Singapore. The whole team being Asian and superstitious, first burnt joss sticks and held bank notes to appease the spirits. Then proceeded to shatter glass all around me for the shot!

What fashion designers/brands do you like and why?
Emannuel Ungaro and Roberto Cavalli, I have two differing styles depending on my mood. I love to dress really preppy/military for everyday, but when I’m in party mode I like to experiment with what I wear.

Who is your style icon?
I’ve never actually had any one particular person as a style icon! I think I prefer to take bits and pieces from each person’s style.

What is the biggest misconception about your job?
That it’s easy, we get paid a lot, we don’t eat and we are uneducated.

What is the most gruelling aspect of your work?
Shooting for 14 hours with no breaks, finishing in the early hours of the morning, then waking up an hour later to find out you’ve been booked for another job that day and having to look like you’ve had 8 hours perfect rest.

What has working as a fashion model taught you about yourself?
Surprisingly to be more comfortable in my own skin, and realise that perfection is more than what is on the surface.

Has working in the fashion industry influenced what you will do post
modelling? (If so what do you see yourself doing?)
I was a musician before I began modelling fulltime, I’m definitely keen to go back to my roots, but I feel that modelling and travel has taught me so many things in life that I needed to learn before I got back into music.

What would you suggest to boys/girls contemplating working as a model?
Understand that it’s definitely not as glamorous as everyone makes it out to be. You need to be extremely patient, and know that most of the time you are not the star, the clothing is. You are simply there to do a job and be professional about it. But other than that it’s a fantastic way to see the world, and meet some of the most amazing people. The opportunities are endless if you persevere.

I am currently researching the history of Heat Group now celebrating their 10th successive year in business at the top of the Australian cosmetics industry. Australian owned, Heat Group is responsible for the distribution of leading brands Max Factor, Covergirl, Ulta3 and Bourjois nationwide.

A new addition to their stable of brands is Elite accessories, a side venture of the worldwide model agency group Elite. Elite Management has been responsible for helping launch the careers of Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and the face of today Lara Stone.

Elite’s ambition is to place the dream of a “model’s way of life” within every woman’s reach. Women who buy products bearing the Elite “designer” label acquire more than a style. They are buying an image, a fantasy, a dream come true.

On the site I came across an insightful read on commonly asked questions, and questions that should be asked (!!), by aspiring girls and boys looking to break into the competitive but highly rewarding modelling industry.