about face: Vaida Tamulenaite

Posted: July 1, 2010 in strike a pose, work
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The southernmost Baltic country Lithuania is where Vaida Tamulenaite calls home. Working as a professional model for close to eight years in Lithuania and abroad, Tamulenaite enjoys the offerings of travel her career provides, but finds great contentment and happiness being home with her much-cherished younger brother.

Tamulenaite recently graced the Fiat 500 Cabriolet TVC for Italy, France, Germany, England and Netherlands, secured by her Milan agency, one arm of the global powerhouse IMG Models.

Tamulenaite possesses a blossoming and versatile artistic ability that sees her indulge in painting and sketching. In her downtime she enjoys reading and playing Sudoku.


Baltic Models – Lithuania
IMG Models – Milan
Upfront Models – Singapore
PT Models – Shanghai
Cat Model Management – Berlin

How did your modelling career start?
When I was 14 years old I went to a casting held by my mother agency.

Where has modelling taken you abroad?
France, Italy, Singapore and Shanghai. By direct booking to Malaysia, Switzerland, Germany, Prague and Thailand.

What has been your favourite job?
I’m doing this job now. (I am) in Phuket, Thailand. (I) have a one week editorial shoot for Women’s Weekly, Singapore. (I am) staying in a 5 star villa with beautiful nature.

What fashion designers/brands do you like and why?
I’m not really into this brand thing. Yes, I have some pieces from famous designers, but just because I liked the cut and design of that one particular outfit.
I like Jean Paul Gaultier a bit because he’s not afraid of strange shapes.

Who is your style icon?
I don’t really have one.

What is your personal style?
Depends of the season. Summertime I like a more hippy gypsy style with lots of accessories. Spring and Autumn I prefer a more edgy look jackets with big shoulders and tiny waist, skinny jeans and high heel boots.

What is the most gruelling aspect of your work?
I have one story. When I was working for fashion week in Rome, all week I was waking up at 5-6 am and coming back (home) at 1 am. All this time there was no time even to eat. So against my will I lost 4 kg in one week and had troubles with my health there after. Sometimes the clients don’t treat you as a human being.

What has working as a fashion model taught you about yourself?
I have become an independent person. I’m making my living by this and have made myself strong. It (the industry) has taught me don’t trust everybody and be careful about what are you saying. It (the job) has also taught me how to win competition.

Has working in the fashion industry influenced what you will do post
modelling? (If so what do you see yourself doing?)
Not really. Besides modelling I’m a student of Economics and Business Management. I’m also an artist in my soul. I’m planning to keep on modelling a few years more until I graduate and there after combine art with management for a proper job.

What would you suggest to boys/girls contemplating working as a model?
This (industry) is no place for weak persons. You must have your opinion, but also be able to play nicely with people you might don’t like. It can sound not nice but sometimes you need to be “double face” (two faced) and not show your real emotions. In this business they (clients) are not interested if you don’t feel well or you are sad about something – so (best to) keep it to yourself.

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