dream job: so you want to be a model?

Posted: June 22, 2010 in learn, work
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I am currently researching the history of Heat Group now celebrating their 10th successive year in business at the top of the Australian cosmetics industry. Australian owned, Heat Group is responsible for the distribution of leading brands Max Factor, Covergirl, Ulta3 and Bourjois nationwide.

A new addition to their stable of brands is Elite accessories, a side venture of the worldwide model agency group Elite. Elite Management has been responsible for helping launch the careers of Tyra Banks, Cindy Crawford and the face of today Lara Stone.

Elite’s ambition is to place the dream of a “model’s way of life” within every woman’s reach. Women who buy products bearing the Elite “designer” label acquire more than a style. They are buying an image, a fantasy, a dream come true.

On the www.eliteaccessories.com.au site I came across an insightful read on commonly asked questions, and questions that should be asked (!!), by aspiring girls and boys looking to break into the competitive but highly rewarding modelling industry.


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